Corporate Overview

Established in February 2009 as a service disabled veteran-owned small business in Western North Dakota. Siege is managed from their corporate office in St. George Utah. Siege Enterprises is heading to an unparalleled success level in the business world using expert management techniques, hard work, leadership, honesty, integrity, open communication, total customer support, long-term customer relationships, and partnering.

Facility maintenance, custodial and grounds projects

Siege Enterprises, LLC takes ownership and stewardship of the equipment and facilities with the goal of giving the building tenants a clean, comfortable and pleasant place in which to work.

Operations and maintenance of bulk fuel storage facilities

Siege is there to support the United States Air Force flight operations at our three sites so they will have the fuel necessary to meet their flight mission requirements.

Medical claims processing and call center operations

Siege provides excellent customer support to the medical claims customers to help them, process their paperwork, answer their questions and provided them what they wanted to satisfy their needs.

About the Owner

Jim Willard acquired majority ownership of Siege Enterprises, LLC on January 1, 2019. Siege will continue to be operated as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

Mr. Willard is a senior federal government contract management, technology, and business development executive with a 44-year career delivering high-value systems to government agencies. Siege is the fourth company Mr. Willard has led as a CEO. As a Vietnam era veteran, he served in the US Navy on the submarine USS Mariano G. Vallejo SS(B)N 658.

Mr. Willard’s professional career has included senior engineering positions and in-depth leadership responsibilities for the development of some of the Nation’s most advanced technology programs such as the 3K Surface Effect Ship (3K SES), the Sea Shadow Stealth Ship, several versions of advanced submarine combat systems, long-range sonar surveillance systems, over the horizon radar systems, and the Next Generation Air Traffic Management System.

Mr. Willard is now dedicated to expanding and improving Siege’s core lines of business in Facilities Management, DLA Fuel Operations, and Company expansion into base operations.

Contact Jim Willard at: CEO@siegellc.com     

Why choose Siege Enterprises, LLC

  • Siege builds strong customer relationships for the long term, communicates with them and teams with them in a solid partnering approach to doing business
  • We Invest time and effort in improving the connection between team members to increase productivity and efficiency thereby increasing our effectiveness and decreasing the customer’s risk
  • We listen to the customer’s needs, have empathy for them and place ourselves in the customer’s position so we can meet and exceed the customers’ expectations
  • We are genuine and real, there for the customer as a valuable team member, to work with them to maximize our success by making the customer successful
  • We take the time to do whatever is necessary to inspire increased communication with our customers, keep them informed, respond quickly to their requests and questions and form a single team with them, unified towards making the project be the best that it can.